Use of Equipment

Will someone show me how to use the equipment when I join? 

YES! We understand how confusing equipment can be even if you aren’t used to working out in a gym. We have fitness specialists on staff at all times to assist you. Simply ask at the front desk if you have questions. We also have personal trainers to help you meet your fitness and health goals. New members are eligible for a free consultation with a trainer. Additional sessions are an extra cost. If you are interested in personal training, inform the front desk of your interest and we will get you in contact with one of the trainers.

What should I know about the free weight area? 

Everyone is responsible for the safe use of free weights. All weights and dumbbells must be racked immediately after use. Not only will this keep the gym floor clear, but it will help decrease the frequency of accidents. Please be courteous of others and re-rack your weights.

What are the towels and spray bottles located throughout the facility for? 

As a member service, we provide towels and spray bottles for wiping off equipment after each use. It is a common courtesy to spray and wipe ALL machines after EACH use.

I like to play basketball. When is the court available for use? 

The basketball court is open anytime there is not a court rental. Our busiest time for court usage is mainly in the evenings during the fall and winter. Our rentals are always posted on the dry erase board at the front desk. Basketballs can be obtained from the front desk free of charge. Please remember to return them to the front desk after use.

Group Exercise Classes 

How do I go about participating in a group exercise class? 

Anyone can participate in the classes and the best part is that the classes are already included in your membership package! Regardless of the type of membership you have purchased, all classes are inclusive and are available for ALL levels of fitness. Class schedules are available online or the front desk. Each class is approximately 45-60 minutes in length.

Is there any special equipment that I need to bring to participate in group floor exercise classes? 

We provide small hand weights (3-10 lbs), steps, fit balls and floor mats for floor aerobics classes. If you choose to participate in yoga or Pilates, we recommend purchasing a non-slip mat designed specifically for these types of classes (available at any sporting goods store). Wear appropriate footwear and bring a bottle of water to rehydrate.

Are there any tips for group cycling classes? 

Group cycling is one of the most popular classes at our facility. It is a fun and challenging workout to help you get in shape. It is recommended that you wear lightweight clothing and bring several bottles of water to keep you hydrated throughout the ride. You will also need to bring a pair of headphones. In addition, please bring a towel to wipe perspiration from your face and body. We provide small towels to clean the cycling bike after class.

Pool / Wet Area

When can I swim laps? 

Three lap lanes are open anytime there is not an aqua aerobics class or group swim lessons in the pool. Signs are posted with the times when lanes are closed. The aerobics schedule is also a good guide to know when there is no class and the lanes are available. Lanes cannot be saved or reserved and they operate on a first come, first serve basis. There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty, so swimming is at your own risk. As a reminder, the pool closes one hour before the facility for maintenance.

What temperature are the pool and hot tub kept? 

The pool is kept at approximately 85° F and the hot tub at 102° F.

Are there any tips or rules associated with the aquatic area that I should be aware of? 

YES! Please shower BEFORE entering the pool or hot tub. NO FOOD is permitted in this area at anytime. Bottled beverages are permitted, but please discard after use. We do not offer a towel service, so make sure to bring your own. To avoid tracking water throughout the locker rooms, please dry off thoroughly after swimming.

Other Frequently Asked Facility Questions

How does the use of the lockers work? 

Lockers are provided for DAILY use at no additional cost. However, if you prefer to leave items here, half and full sized lockers are available for monthly rental. You will need to bring your own lock. One will not be provided for daily or monthly use. Also, please DO NOT bring valuables into the facility, as we will not be responsible for lost items. Cubicles are located throughout the facility for your convenience as well. Most members use them to store small items such as keys, towels and water bottles.

How do I know when my membership has expired? 

When you have seven days remaining on your membership, our computer system alerts our employees each time you check-in. Therefore, if you check-in throughout those seven days an employee will inform you of your upcoming expiration date. You can always find out when your membership expires by inquiring at the front desk or calling the facility. Remember that memberships can ONLY be frozen for medical reasons accompanied by a doctor’s excuse.

I have a friend who is thinking about joining, but would like to use the facility as a guest for one day with me. What is your guest policy? 

Guests are permitted in the facility everyday. Members can bring in guests for $10.00 per guest per visit. A guest can use the facility with a member as often as desired. Guests must sign in at the front desk upon arrival. Payment will also be collected at that time. Tours will be provided by our employees should a guest desire.

I lost a pair of shoes. Where do I check for them? 

Please ask at the front desk if your item has been found.